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Helping Seniors Maintain Dignity

So this is my Dad. And these are our dogs. Dad is staying with us while he recovers from a hip replacement (he has a fused knee on the same side so that complicates the situation). But here’s the thing, I did something.

Something to make him more comfortable about staying with us. Something to help him feel like he’s not a burden to us (his perception). And something so that he doesn’t have to ask his “daughter “and her family to be caregivers and perform “hands-on” caregiving activities (which he absolutely did not want to do).

I hired someone to come in and help him with his Activities of Daily Living, the caregiving piece. He’s happy and feels good about staying with us until he’s ready to move on.

It takes the pressure and strain out of the equation, we get to just be “family”.

In my business, 5 Star Concierge, I don’t do much hands on caregiving, but I do encourage families to utilize my business, caregivers and other local businesses to ensure that everyone gets the best experience possible. We fill in the gaps and we do it well.

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