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Photos and Cards, a walk down memory lane.

Are you feeling at a loss what to do and what to talk about when you visit a loved one, especially one who is suffering from some level of memory loss?

Consider locating and looking through yours and their treasure trove of family photographs, photo albums, videos, even saved card and letters with them. If you find that the photos are unorganized, offer to sort them and put them into transparent archival photo sleeves or organized archival photo boxes to cull through with them at your leisure. Be sure that you open up the back of photo frames; sometimes there is something extra special hidden on the backside of the frame.

Perhaps they will remember who the people are and where the photos were taken and you can write that information on the backs of the photographs. Also consider digitizing/scanning the images to a disk and eventually make a slideshow of them along with any videos to show your loved one and the whole family at a family gathering like their birthday party.

There are companies that specialize in creating memory photo books for seniors, especially wonderful for those will memory loss.

As caregivers, we love spending time looking through our client's photos with them and learning about their past. It gently passes the time with fond memories and pleasant conversations. With those with dementia, we find they really enjoy recalling people and events especially in the far distant past and seem to perk up and rally with renewed energy in the retelling of their stories.

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