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Delight your loved one with home-cooked meals.

Our clients often count on us for preparing and serving tasty home-cooked meals; they look forward to it. Most of them rarely leave their home and enjoy dining out. It's so very import that our clients eat healthy nutritious meals to keep up their stamina and strength. frequent take out isn't the healthiest option, nor are boxed, canned, or store-bought frozen meals.

One of client's family recently ordered a vegetable steamer and Instant Pot to help us expedite delicious meals for our client. Slow cooking is difficult for us as we typically don't spend enough hours per day or stay overnight to prepare and slow cook a meal, however taking a slow-cook recipe and cooking the dish under pressure we can serve up a delicious meals often within an hour or less!

We find that dishes that are soft, tender, and easy to cut and chew are preferable for our elderly clientele. Even when meats are tender, be sure to cut it into bite-size pieces, and watch the portions. If you keep the portions small and they enjoy it, offer a small second helping.

Be sure to make up enough to freeze leftovers in individual containers. Use tape or labels to write the contents and the date, so caregivers can know what's in the freezer. Glass containers are best with rubber or snap on lids to prevent freezer-burn and contamination from plastic, unless safe.

We find out our clients most often enjoy their food and tend to eat more when we visit with or eat with them as they dine. Eating at the dining table with a nice table setting is very much appreciated. The important social aspect of dining together is very important to their health and sense of wellbeing. They tend to spend quite a bit of time alone, so it can't be overstated that this social interaction is very uplifting and important to them.

Please let us know how we can best serve you and your loved one. We offer free consultations, serving Lane County, Oregon.

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