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Viewing Entertainment

As seniors age and find themselves becoming more sedentary, the television often becomes more central to their daily and/or evening routine and means of entertainment. To avoid the frustration of surfing channels to find sometime "watchable", you might find it helpful to do a little recognizance on your own to come up with a list of some of the best TV shows and Movies to offer as suggestions.

Everyone has different tastes that can change from day to day, so a variety of options would be most helpful. We have a client who prefers foreign films and television series; another client prefers classic movies and old TV shows from the 50s and 60s like Perry Mason. For seniors who prefer documentaries, there are both movies and television options that provide hours of fascinating interest and education.

Television series episodes are shorter than a movie and often last many seasons, so they are a good choice when time is limited, let's say between dinner and bedtime, while a movie would be best when there are several hours of open-ended time or dividing the viewing time, say before and after dinner.

Here is a list that was updated in February 2023 of the 17 Best TV Shows About and For Seniors.

Here's a list of Great TV Shows for the Elderly People and more....

Here's a 2018 fun list of 10 Good Movies for Seniors that's just as relevant today.

You get the idea. There are new movies and television programs being aired all the time, so spend time checking out what's new and coming to a Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc... and cable TV soon. Go online and Google this topic and see what else you come up with to customize your own list.

Ask your loved one what they enjoy watching and look for similar shows or movies you think they might enjoy as well.

As caregivers, we sometimes watch a program with our client, which gives them that much needed and appreciated social interaction that is so very important including the entertainment value of talking about the program being watched. Sharing a treat of popcorn also adds to the fun.

Please let us know how we can best serve you as non-medical caregivers. We offer a free consultation. Serving Lane County, Oregon.

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