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Top Ten Concerns Seniors are Facing

This morning, I received an email from an acquaintance I recently met through a volunteer organization. She is well-respected and in a leadership position. So, I was surprised when she reached out to me to ask a favor of me - to help her order a gift card online through Amazon for her niece, whose birthday it is today. She said that she was having trouble processing the order successfully, so hoped I could place the order on her behalf and have the gift card send directly to her today via an email she would send me, and she would reimburse me. RED FLAG. I replied declining to be of help as I don't have a Prime account, and then realized there was a second email address and a typo in the spelling of her full name in her second email explaining her need in more detail. It dawned on me that her email had been hacked, and I could very well become a victim too by responding to "her" email. Scams are rampant and come in a myriad of disguises!! This is increasingly becoming a greater concern with seniors in particular. Concern Number 7 below addresses this type of concern under the heading of Financial Predators who prey on seniors and guides us to check with the FBI; they have information on what to look for in a scam artist. But this is just one of many concerns.... read on.

The following information is a repost courtesy of A Senior Connection

Top 10 Concerns That Seniors Face

As we get older, we hope that our lives will become easier. We anticipate retirement as the time in our lives when we can finally relax. While the golden years can be some of the best years of our life, there are always concerns. Senior citizens have challenges to overcome that are universal to all ages as well as some issues that are specific to their age group.

The top ten concerns facing senior citizens today include:

  1. Health Care Costs – The older we get, the more healthcare we need. It is important to get screenings for disease and natural aging conditions to catch any health issues in their beginning stages. While doctor visits multiply, medical costs are rising, which can impact one’s retirement budget. Make sure you have signed up for Medical/Medicare, these programs are there to help make the cost of health care a little more bearable.

  2. Disease – Alzheimer’s, dementia, cataracts, macular degeneration, and osteoporosis – these health issues and more threaten a person’s day-to-day functioning capabilities. We all know that health issues progress with age. It is important to learn more about coping with health issues before they happen in order to prepare mentally. Make sure to discuss with your doctor any issues you may have noticed since your last visit. Make sure someone is keeping records of your doctor visits, along with what the doctor has to say, any changes or additions to medications, and any tests they may require and the outcome. You expect your doctor to know your history but often times they do not and things can be missed. You, or a family member need to be your own health care advocate to ensure your health records are accurate.

  3. Physical Aging – Aging means that we cannot move as quickly as we used to. Our eyes don’t see as clearly and our bones weaken. Nutrition and exercise become all the more important as we age. Even a walk to the end of the block and back gets you exercise and Vitamin D, it is important to get out every day and get fresh air and sunshine.

  4. Physical Assistance – Getting groceries, going to doctor’s visits, even small tasks such as cleaning the house become more difficult as we get older and we may need to have daily assistance or a homecare provider. Finding good help can be a challenge. There are many wonderful In-Home Care companies that A Senior Connection works with and they all offer services to help you get to doctor’s appointments and other errands; light housekeeping, and meal preparation, as well as assistance with all activities of daily living that are needed.

  5. Financial Security – The rising cost of living while living on a fixed income poses new financial restrictions. We may not be able to afford the same comforts of life that we used to. Talking to a financial advisor such as Planning for Seniors will assist you fund long term care expenses while maintaining their financial assets.

  6. Loneliness – Getting older means that our friends are aging, as well. It is common for seniors to lose their friends to Alzheimer’s disease or even death. Spending time with remaining friends and family members becomes all the more important. There are wonderful Adult Day Care Programs and Senior Centers to keep yourself active and allow you to keep up with old friends and even make new ones! A pet can be wonderful for daily companionship, as well. The Sacramento SPCA even has senior discounts and programs to help seniors who would like to have a pet for companionship.

  7. Financial Predators – Sadly, it is a fact that there are unscrupulous people looking to prey on senior citizens. They will try to sell unnecessary goods or services to those they see as vulnerable. Share your financial decisions with someone you trust. DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE PERSON. A bank, the IRS, and other reputable companies will not call you and ask for your personal information. If someone does ask, this is a sign they may be trying to scam you! The FBI has wonderful information on what to look for in a scam artist.

  8. Abuse or Neglect – Nursing homes and assisted living facilities struggle with under-staffing issues, which can lead to abuse or neglect of the residents. Be sure to find a place to live that comes highly recommended by people you trust. If you ever feel your loved one is being abused or neglected and you live in Sacramento you can contact the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office and they will help you.

  9. Transportation – Our reflexes can slow as we age and our eyes can become less clear. This may lead us to give up driving for our safety and the safety of others. Thankfully, transportation is available specifically for those who need it, including seniors.

  10. Changing social climate – Adjusting to technological changes is probably the largest social hurdle we can face as senior citizens. See your local library for free classes on using computers. Senior Computer School in Sacramento is a great place to meet new people and learn how to keep up with today’s technology.

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