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Caring for an Elderly Parent

A painfully poignant and touching short film was recently released and made available for free on YouTube that depicts a woman caring for her elderly mother at home.

"“Ruth” is a 9-minute short film starring the late Lynn Cohen as the mother, living with Alzheimer’s, with Barbara Tirrell playing her daughter and caregiver. Actor David Hyde Pierce, a longtime Alzheimer's Association Champion and caregiver said of the film: “Beautiful in every detail, this is an emotional story told without sentimentality.”" ALZ BLOG

I am reminded of the last months caring for my ninety-five year old mother who suffered from memory loss. My patience was tried to the very end. The decline in her health and change is her behavior was startling and heart wrenching. There were also touching moments of sweet, loving interchange that melted my heart and gave me a temporary respite from the emotional pain I was feeling for her and for me. Burnout is a real outcome of long-term care of someone suffering with dementia. It's particularly difficult to manage one's own personal and business affairs while managing the taxing realities of caring for a loved one with memory loss. I was exhausted. I needed and greatly appreciated the help I received through professional caregivers during the final month of my mother's life. In hindsight, I truly wish I had asked for help sooner, much sooner.

As personal assistants to our elderly clients, our hearts go out to the caregiving family members whose hearts are breaking for their loved one with dementia and the burnout many suffer from months and even years of providing them with ever increasing care. It is our intention to come alongside you to provide compassionate care of your loved one --- to give you a break from the day to day, week to week, month to month management of their daily non-medical care. Providing additional companionship helps prevent social isolation, loneliness, and depression. We only require a two-hour minimum, and offer a free consultation to discover how we might best serve your needs and that of your loved one.

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