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Caregiving Costs

AARP offers members caregiving resources including an online event and workbook to help families manage caregiving costs for their loved ones. I recently attended an online event "Making Cents of Caregiving Costs - A practical Guide focused on health, housing, and money management (44 page guide)." It is a very helpful resource. Contact AARP for more information.

"Being a family caregiver is a labor of love that comes with a lot of responsibilities. While it’s hard to put a price on caring, it also comes with some real out-of-pocket costs for you. AARP research shows family caregivers spend close to $8,000 per year of their own money caring for family members who are aging, ill, or living with disabilities. You may be picking up groceries, helping with housework, or making trips to the doctor or pharmacy: all the little things add up. Having a clear picture of what’s involved— whether it’s your care recipient’s health, housing, or finances—lets you plan ahead and make the juggling act a little easier." AARP

Planning ahead for the eventual care of a loved one will help reduce stress on many levels for everyone involved, including managing the financial aspect of their care. Click here for some financial tips for caregivers.

5 Star Concierge, offers a free consultation to help create a customized plan for some of the non-medical assistance we can help with to support your efforts as a family caregiver while working within the financial parameters you've established for managing their care. We have a two-hour minimum and serve Lane County, Oregon.

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