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A Concierge, Your Personal Assistant

This is a repost of one of our first posts (2019), as a refresher of what it is we do for our clients at 5 Star Concierge, LLC. It is our delight to serve our clients as personal assistants - creating a custom plan for your individual needs. As a family member, one way of thinking of us is"Rent a Daughter, Rent a Son" when you can't be with your loved one.

So what exactly is a Concierge or a Senior Concierge? What do they do and who do they do it for? These are good questions and I’ll give you some answers here today. A concierge is: a caretaker, a custodian, a janitor, often the owner’s representative.

Let us help you check off your to-do list!

In today’s modern world, it takes on the definition of a personal assistant, a helper, an errand runner and much more. A Senior Concierge is someone who works specifically with an older demographic, typically helping them with day to day or weekly tasks that they need just a little bit of help with to help ease the burden from the family or to help retain their independence. Below are some of the tasks a concierge might perform.


1. Drop off and pick up services, like dry cleaning, prescriptions library books

2. Banking errands

3. Take your pet to the vet*

4. Merchandise purchases and returns

5. Gift shopping/Grocery shopping

6. Service your car

7. Medical/beauty appointments

Help at Home

8. Home organization - organize your office or your closet

9. House cleaning

10. Meal preparation

11. Companionship, someone to walk with and talk with.

12. Wardrobe organizing

13. Working with outside services, such as landscapers, plumbers, electricians, carpet cleaners....

14. Holiday Prep/Shopping/Gift Wrapping

15. Bill pay

House Sitting House sitting for Snowbirds or Travelers

16. House checkups – daily or less frequently

17. Plant maintenance

18. Pet care (see below)

19. Schedule appointments

20. Research – Find house parts, best resorts, special events, tours, local restaurants, service vendors such as home repair, etc.

Pet Care

21. Dog walking

22. Pet sitting

23. *Pet taxi – drop off and pick up pets at vet or groomers.

Tech Support

24. Computer tutoring and assistance

25. Update software

26. Setup new computer, tablet, or smartphone, etc.


27. Shuttle services for medical appointments, social events, etc.

28. Chauffeur services to and from appointments, etc.

29. Drop off and pick up client’s vehicle for routine service, such as oil changes or a car wash

Travel Arrangements

30. Airline reservations

31. Hotel or resort reservations

32. Rental car reservations

33. Research destination information, such as resorts, for clients

Waiting Services

34. Waiting for deliveries, such as appliances

35. Waiting for home repair and maintenance services, like a plumber

36. Waiting at shop while vehicle is being serviced or repaired

37. Waiting in line to get tickets for events

Other Services: We also help clients downsize, move, prepare for an estate sale, and donate items to charity on your behalf.

Contact us for a free consultation to discover how we can best serve you at 541-816-1730.

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